Segment forming machine SF25CNC-open

The segment forming machine SF25CNC–open is used for components with pinch points, which cannot be inserted into other machines, e.g. angle plugs. Suitable for metal pipes with wall thicknesses of up to 1.0 mm and a diameter of 3 – 25 mm.

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Basic machine

  • basic module with fastening holes for the reception of all functional components consists of: base panel with carrier for motor with gearing and spindle ball bearing
    • drive system: 1 servomotor + gearing + encoder and motor cable 3/5m (1 CNC axis) ball roller spindle with screw nut for infeed of compression lever system to transmit power to force ring and toggle lever with tools
  • forming head with lateral slot for easy insertion of component part
  • jaws (forming tools) adjusted to client specific final outline
  • flat and circular compression possible; for round compression jaws have to be fitted to a diameter
  • possible number of jaws: 6, 8, 12 or 16
  • closing and opening stroke are steered over relevant curves by a servomotor


Protection measures

  • covering of drive mechanism
  • protective tube at back of forming head prevents reaching inside
  • protective cover at front of forming head; easy insertion of parts guarantees quick assembly
  • front protection also available with light grid
  • emergency stop immediately stops all movements


Control system

  • VIPA Speed7 SPS with user panel Siemens TP700 comfort
  • parameterisation and user software installed
  • control cabinet installed into frame
  • additional buttons for start, stop and emergency stop
  • pedal button for release of forming process by operator
  • data sets selectable via user panel (by means of bar code scanner if desired)



  • data display on user interface
  • calibration instructions are set up and selectable at all times via button
  • standard databank for product specific parameter with 50 data sets (expandable up to 4,000)
  • 3 access levels for machine control (user, service and administrator)
  • language can be chosen as requested (default German and English, other languages with extra charge)



  • holds all machine components
  • standing work station, length x width x depth approx. 1,010 x 1,010 x 890 mm
  • working height approx.. 1,123 mm
  • 4 rotatable wheels, 2 with locking brake
  • welded and coated steel frame, colour can be chosen as requested
  • desk top made of steel or wood

Model SF25CNC-open


  • determines press position of component part (can be set manually or motor-driven)
  • stopper with component part recognition available (existence check via sensor)
  • positioning through readable linear encoder
  • data set is selected, machine in automatic mode
  • forming jaws are open
  • stopper is set into position manually, position has to be set for each data set
  • cable and shell are joined by workman (pre-assembly)
  • component part has to be inserted and held manually
  • component position at stopper is registered by a sensor
  • machine is started automatically or via additional pedal switch
  • forming jaws move to required position and open
  • 1 press position possible
  • component part can be taken out of machine
  • moulding time depending on diameter 2-4 sec.
  • machine can be used for large quantities with little model variance and minor pre-assembly

Handheld barcode scanner

  • data set selection via handheld barcode scanner
  • 1D or 2D codes
  • with rack

Product specific insertion aid

  • product adapted insertion handle with insertion flange for easy concentric positioning
  • optional ø 25, 30 or 35 mm
  • with release magnet PSEN

Load-displacement monitoring

  • load cell in toggle lever calculates load in lever
  • graphic display of loads on separate measuring device
  • OK and NOK evaluation

Height adjustable frame

  • desktop mounted on height adjustable legs
  • height adjustable up to 300 mm
  • 4 rotatable wheels, 2 with locking brake

External data protection with HSDBASE software

  • software for reading process data from SPS, e.g. current operator
  • storage and back-up of any selected data from OP on server/individual PC
  • data collection controllable in different modes (cyclic, change in value etc.)
  • connection of machine to company network via TCP/IP-address
  • reading of data in different formats, e.g. *.csv, access, mySQL etc.


Transport, instruction and operation setup at customer’s premises

  • transport to customer is carried out by Fichter formtec GmbH
  • setup and start of operation carried out by Fichter formtec GmbH
  • instruction approx. 2 hours on customer’s premises
  • production support approx. 1 hour on customer’s premises


Nonstandard models

  • machine can be adjusted according to requirements
  • integration of machine into entire machine complex possible
  • edges on component parts can be beaded
  • further alternatives possible


  • user and maintenance manuals
  • lists of parts, spare parts and working parts
  • electric diagram
  • specimens: 1 x paper, 1 x CD; language: German or English
  • production drawings of parts and source codes of software are not included
  • transfer of documentation after starting of machine


Hazard analysis, CE mark

  • hazard analysis is carried out and documented
  • machine / unit delivered with CE mark